Abacus is taught in our school to develop intelligence in students.

To improve functions of brain including Memory, Concentration, Emotional stability, Recalling Ability, Focus, Confidence Level, Mind storage capacity, Intuition, and Memory Power, So that a child can face all rough and tough situations and challenges very easily

Junior Red Cross

The Junior Red Cross Movement of the Ponnu Matriculation School is a part of Tiruppur Educational District JRC, Dharapuram Tamil Nadu.

Student volunteers are been trained in various activities such as tree plantation, environmental clean up activities, First Aid etc.

Yoga & Physical Education

Yoga classes are conducted every week to develop health and relaxation

A vast ground with separate courts for tennis, kho-kho, badminton and football to enable the students to practise their favourite games. The games room privides all the necessary sports articles

Apart from regular subjects, Hindi is being taught as the third language, sewing and embroidery as craft subjects and drawing as an art.